Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Apple TV

What is Apple TV

What is Apple TV? – Know the advantages of Apple TV and its uses.

The exclusive digital media player Apple TV was developed and sold all over the world by Apple Inc. this network appliance is designed and formed as a small form factor to play the digital content basing from the iTunes Store, YouTube, MLB.tv, NHL GameCenter, Netflix, Flckr, NBA League Pass or any Windows or Mac OS X computer running the iTunes onto the high definition or enhanced definition widescreen television.

In September 2006, Apple offered to its customers worldwide an exclusive preview of this device and began shipping Apple TV the following March. Apple initially shipped the product with 40 GB hard drive and later the 160 GB version was in the market after two months and that disconnected the earlier model.

Apple announced in September 2010 the second generation version of its product. About one third of the cost and one quarter of the dimensions of the original Apple TV, the exclusive device could stream video from iOS devices or computer via the AirPlay and rented content from the iTunes. 
The later version no longer contained the hard drive; nevertheless, there was an undocumented 8 GB internal flash storage that was speculated to be employed for great and smoother playback of the streamed media. Locally connected sites or content available online was being used in this regard.

Apple TV makes it customers to have the privilege of HDTV set to play music, view photos and watch videos which originates from the local network or limited internet services. YouTube, Flickr, iTunes and Mobileme/.Mac were introduced to the customers in the first generation (white). The second generation had Netflix. Streaming podcast and downloading was introduced by the both generations. Notable competitors to the Apple TV in the US and rest of the world include Western Digital Media Center, Boxee, Google TV and Roku 


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