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Uses of Java

Written By Ashley on Friday, January 27, 2012 | 10:23 PM

Uses of Java

In the following subsections, we examine some of the more common uses of the Java programming language.


Here is some of the simple java applets we have seen in use to simply jazz up an otherwise static Web page:-
1)      Scrolling “ticker tape” text messages
2)      Animated text that wanders around the screen
3)      Animated characters that respond to the user’s mouse movements
4)      A random “slide show “ of images

Java applets can be used to present complex data from real-time events. Our favorite example (because we helped program it) is the instant ballpark applet which shows an animated view of major league baseball games using data delivered from a Web server within a minute or two to the actual play. Other examples include stock market data delivery systems (not nearly as much fun).

Some of the most impressive Java application on the Internet today is in the medical field. One of the first allowed users to select images of human body cross section using a mouse. There are several examples of Java-driven user inter-faces to huge databases of DNA sequences. Only Java can provide the same user friendly interface to scientists all over the world using a variety of computers hardware.

Educators were very quick to catch on to the possibilities of using Java to create online demonstrations and simulations. Here are some of the educational Java programs we found in recent Web surfing:
1)      A graphic simulation of electrons moving in a plasma
2)      Several viewers for 3-D molecular models
3)      A simulation of the thermodynamics of a Striding cycle engine
4)      An online neural network training demonstration
5)      Graphic presentation of the evolution of artificial life forms
6)      A simulation of flocking behavior in bird, wildebeests, and gnats


Ina a client/server application, a Java applet provides the user’s interface to a program running on an Internet server. Java can be used to create both applets and server programs because the standard java library of classes includes many which facilitate network connections. Complete Web servers been created entirely in Java, so adding special Java functions to a Web site may easier than you would expect. Here are some of the client/server applications we have seen:
1)      Chat Systems. Both plain-text and graphical chat programs with both the user interface and sever implemented in Java
2)      Online games. A wide variety of online games, both single-player and multi-player, have been created with Java
3)      Databases. Many database vendors have announced Java compatibility for their products so this area of activity is really booming.

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