What is Link Building

 Link building is the process of making quality and relevant one way, two way and three way link creation. Link building helps in site ranking in search engines.

The term "Link Building" itself is not hard to understand, it means to increase the net of links, that lets your website from the unique URL submitted to different websites. The relation is quite simple - More the link, more is the traffic to your website, and more success from your online business.

When you ask What is Link building and how to build links the answer is to submit your website to different directories and increasing your link from other websites. The basic link building strategy is  to submit to different social bookmarking directories. There are quite a many free directories available on the web who accepts your URLs relatively quickly. (Yahoo has a good directory with which many sites pay to be listed) while others are often not. You will have to analyze case by case whether the benefits of getting a link from that directory or site is worth the cost. Also note that some search engines give less value to links coming from paid directories.

Another strategy is to just search for keywords and browse through the top results pages for top sites to ask for a link. This can be done with local keywords, especially to build up your site’s ranking for local searches. For example at DaBrian Marketing Group, we may search seo reading, pa” to find local directories or local information sites to contact about getting links that relate to our services and location. For most companies, ranking high for local search terms is a main goal because competing for more general keywords is not realistic or an efficient way to use marketing resources. Back links are the domains containing links to a specific site. Some companies analyze the back links for their competition to find potential linking sites. A free tool called Backlink Watch provides URLs that link to a certain site; this tool can be found at http://www.backlinkwatch.com. Some extra information is also given with these results like anchor text and the total number of outbound links from the site.

 Typing in competitors’ URLs can yield some of their top links, which are probably relevant to your site as well; these sites can then be seen as potential linking partners. With all of these strategies, remember that having several high quality links to your site is far more important than just having a large quantity of links. So the next time you start a link building campaign, keep in mind that organization is key and that successful link building often requires patience and persistence.

What is Link Building - Easy question , Easy Answer

This is question has been asked several times, and the answer is very very simple, and if we compare to the real world scenario as well, it is to increase relationship of yourself with others, so that the other people will know you and you can get advantage from knowing other people. This real life example, exactly states what is the real meaning of link building. 
The basic link building strategy (In the website scenario) is  to submit to different social bookmarking directories, like Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook, Delicious, Reddit, Twitter etc. There are quite a many free directories available on the web who accepts your URLs relatively quickly.

Benefits Of Link Building

1) Link Building for convertible traffic

What is Link Building for convertible traffic - There is a lot of difference between convertible traffic and normal traffic. Normal traffic is the one, which gets but has small ratio of activity in the website because the visitor is not concerned with the topic. The second case, the convertible traffic is the targeted visitor and intended visitors visiting the website and most probably, because of the interest in contents, services or products of the website. To gain a high amount of convertible traffic a good link building services are needed. These must be targeted to a certain audience and the website getting through the backlink through it, must be relevant with the contents or product of the website. Convertible traffic has indeed greater ratio of getting high amount of activity and therefore, increasing the chances of getting returning visitors and bookmarking of the site getting it traffic as a plus bonus. So, convertible traffic is like gold for any website.

2) Link building as a long-term and permanent benefit 

The process of link building services is for long-term and most of the time is permanent. So, the website linked to it can get enormous amount of traffic over the period from the same link. If the link related to the website is relevant with each other, than the chances of getting permanent inflow of visitors becomes higher and the activity performed by the visitor is more in numbers. More amounts of unique visitors, page loads and returning visitors can be seen and the rate of convertible and productive traffic increases enormously. This boosts the website quality and the content inside it and its main direction is highlighted. The PR of the website increases and similarly the permanent backlink is necessary for the standing position in SERP. So, when choosing the link building services company it is important to choose very reliable and experienced ones, because they help to get the one-way links that are more of quality, permanent and convertible.

Therefore, Link Building is a process that seems having a great advantage instead for any websites and for the SEO services. As we already know, SEO service is the basic and the most effective tool for the SEO program. The thing starts from link building service and it ends from link building. These are the basic and fundamental tools for any SEO, SEM, SSM, SPR which are the abbreviations for the Search Engine Optimization.

3) Link building services for increasing Page Rank (PR) (What is Link Building)

What is Link Building for increasing PR - The page rank or PR is updated by Google in routinely in order to show the quality of the website, and the backlinks it has been getting. Link Building Services are one of the major sources of increasing PR. The more links associated with the website, the more chances of increasing PR. Page rank does not really shows the quality of website contents, but it shows the quality of links it has been getting. If a website has got high PR, it can sell one-way backlinks at higher cost and can earn revenue. There are lots of websites having high PR and offering one-way backlink services at some cost, and earing good revenue. The PR is counted to number 10. The higher the number till 10, higher the PR of the website. The highest PR websites are Google, Facebook and twitter.

4) Link Building Services as a tool for success in SEO - 

What is Link Building for SEO - Any SEO campaign has the objective of getting the most of the website in terms of traffic, PR, Index, SERP and optimization. This includes the various aspects, and for any SEO campaign, the main aspect is the Link Building services, which are the backbone and the main part for any SEO program. The service provided by the SEO companies mainly depends on whether they are providing high quality backlinks for the website, and whether they are submitting it to the major search engines. Link building also helps to index the websites, to all the major search engines, and this attract a lot of visitors to bypass the intellectuality and the objectivity of the website. So, the main success for every SEO depends on the link building service it has been providing, which is directly related to the success of every website, running on the web.

5) Link building services – The contrasting differences for two website.

There is an immense use of SEO, by every websites, but one websites stand apart from another one in the terms of the high quality link building, the one which has more amount of high quality links that site is considered to get more amount of traffic and SERP, this is the only reason, some websites even though having a lot of great content does not live up to the expectation. So, the link building services plays an immense role in winning over the competitor’s website and gain success from its campaign. Two websites having the same type of content and objectives, can get into a stiff competition, and both can have less productivity, if it mismatches, in this case the website having the high quality link building wins over the other competitor and is most probably to get more visitors and obviously, more productivity.
6) Link Building services for the successful online business - What is Link Building

Most of the online business is related with the sales of product and services in a some way or the other. It success depends on the amount of organic traffic it has been getting and the optimization of the website. These all categories depend on the link building services the website has been undertaking for its success behind the online business. If the business has made a specific amount of decent contribution over this matter, it is more likely to get more productivity comparatively more than the competitors. It depends on the margin of the production and the margin of investment made on SEO services and link building services. Even if the slightest contribution is made on the link building service, the entire goals are fulfilled with the help of related product sales and the sales of services which is provided through online means or manual means.

Link Building services for maximizing revenue - What is Link Building

Any website with the aim of earning revenue depends on certain factors like – the amount of conversion traffic, the relevant traffic, the SERP for the related keywords in search engines like google.com, yahoo.com, dogpile.com and bing.com, the relevancy of high quality backlinks in the same type of website. These are the factors which largely depend and are the factor or cause for the success or failure respectively, for any website. The link building services helps the business to maximize its revenue by getting it more conversion and productive traffic. It also helps to increase the PR of the website, making the website more healthy and powerful in the eyes of search engine. Most of the link building services helps the website to gain it more organic traffic and hence leading to the maximum available productivity. So, the revenue earning for any website largely depends on the type of traffic it has been getting and the convertible ratio.