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What is SEO | What is onpage and offpage SEO

What is SEO? - SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, used to increase website traffic by using onpage and offpage SEO processes.

What is SEO? (The big and common question)

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. And in the large extent, is about website and it's major role is for increasing factor on popularity. SEO contains different phases, some of them are explained below:-
1) Link Building
2) Classified Ads
3) Creating Back links
4) Social Bookmarking
5) Creating google analytics, Webmaster tools for crawling
6) Putting Meta tags, Description and keywords 
7) Increasing SERP (Search Engine Rank Position)
8) Robots, Sitemaps, Encoding, Geo meta tags

There are two types of SEO :-

1) On-page SEO - It includes mentioning the meta tags, alt tags for images, meta keywords, meta language, setting up analytics, webmaster tools for getting a better chance to submit to Google crawling. It includes the following:-
 Visibility to search engines
All important Plugin Integration.
Plugin Integration 
Ping-backs will be used to ping to sites with similar content.
 Submitting URL the feed to feed burner
Optimization of title tags of all important pages
Optimization of other meta tags (Description etc...)
Optimization of header tags H1, H2, and H3
Image optimization
.Analysis of bold tag
HTML and CSS Validation
Optimization of non index able attributes like Frames
Optimizing HTML Source Code
Optimizing internal linking structure (Navigation)
Optimization of external Links
Broken links analysis & correction
Website architectural correction.
Content Optimization 
Cannibalization error correction*
Making an optimized robot.txt file.
XML Sitemap creation and submission of sitemap to Google
301 URL Redirection.

2) Off page SEO - 
Offsite SEO ensures that your website collects votes / links for the search phrases you want to be ranked for in the search engines. 
These processes are explained below:-

Finding Ideas That Can Be Exploited By Knowing What is SEO?

When it comes to looking for websites that can make a significant income through an advertising referral schemes, one of the biggest ways of doing this is to to know what is SEO and know about it, when a niche or gap in the market has been found among the results of a major search engine. What this means is that there is a low number of websites servicing those search terms, and a website can quite quickly rise to the top of the search engine ranking in this field.
Off Page SEO

The part of the process that is played by the professional seo consultant can range from simply optimizing the websites to participating in finding the niches and then helping with the website creation too. Although it is often a fairly straightforward task to actually find niches, the actual optimization of a site so that it rises to the top of the rankings is where a professional is needed.

A Long Term Working Partnership with a Professional SEO Consultant

For many people who make their living from working online, it will often require having to work on a portfolio of different websites in order to ensure that there is enough money coming in to pay the bills, but having a professional SEO consultant for a long term partnership will often be cheaper than hiring them to deal with each website individually. As well as cutting costs, it can also be reassuring to know that you have a relationship with somebody with the expertise to make sure the hits to the sites remain high.

This will not only be of benefit to the client, but the professional seo consultant will also benefit from having a close working relationship, and for those who are good at their job knowing that they have a regular income coming in will be very attractive, which can put the client in a good position to negotiate. 

Having a Service Contract with a Professional SEO Consultant for Multi Site Companies

Many internet companies will operate a range of different websites from their base, and having a service contract with some SEO services can be very beneficial when all of those websites need to be ranked highly in order to maximise the profits that can be made. This will often reduce the overall cost of hiring such people to deal with the individual websites, because buying a bulk contract has benefits for both the consultant and the client.

Keeping tabs on a number of different websites can of course been a difficult thing to keep on top of, so having the reassurance that their performance in terms of the search engines at least will be positive is a good thing to have. The working relationship with the professional seo consultant will also be beneficial, as they will get to know your type of site design and will complement it with their work.

Looking For a Knowledgeable Professional SEO Consultant (What is SEO)

One of the things that people will be looking for when they hire some SEO services are someone who actually know what they are doing, and has the experience and knowledge to actually deliver on the promises that they make. In many ways, this means that people will have to look at more than just the cheapest price when they hire their consultant, as it will often be better to pay a little more too actually get the desired results in terms of their site’s overall ranking in the search engines.

Picking up a more experienced professional SEO consultant may require a little more research and perhaps looking for recommendations from friends, colleagues or even online review sites. By being proactive in hunting down the best consultant, this will pay off in the overall results that the best SEO specialists will be able to deliver to the benefit of your site.

Why is knowing SEO, so much important?

As with most industries, those people and companies who are the very best in their industries will rise to the top, and in terms of the SEO services this will mean that their services can cost a lot more than the basic service delivered by smaller operators. The company that is chosen will often be able to deliver the majority of what the very best can, but it will depend on the budget and the costs of sponsored advert results as to whether hiring the top consultants is worth while.

For some companies being on the front page of the results is not enough, and having to be the first or second of the results is vital, so in this case putting more money to hiring the best professional SEO consultant will often be an investment that is well worth making, and will deliver the level of results that are expected.

Post Optimization Guidance by knowing What is SEO

One area that is well worth discussing with your SEO information, once your site itself has been optimized is if they can give any advice or guidance for the content that is produced after the service so that it is also more optimized to help keep your site towards the top end of the search results. Some companies may be more forthright than others in dispensing such advice, but it can often help to extend the time after the site is optimized until it overtaken by too many rivals and may need to be re-optimized.

As with any industry, any professional SEO consultant worth their salt will have a few secret tricks of the trade that they won’t want to share, but often they will be willing to discuss the general sort of advice that can be useful for the site owners in keeping their site performing as well as possible.

Courses in Search Engine Optimization By knowing What is SEO

For those sites who have a very small budget, or that the owner is especially possessive about and wants to develop by themselves, taking a class given be SEO services will often be a good way to learn more about how websites become ranked by search engines, and what they can do to improve such rankings. As with any class given by someone who is still active within the industry, the professionals will not give all of their tricks out in such a class, but it will usually be a very good place to start.

Working in an online industry, there are also many guidebooks, online learning courses and web tutorials that are given or are sold online by a professional SEO consultant who will be looking to supplement their income from that which they earn through their online work alone, but as with any learning, the result is everything.

Get your website more visitor and make it a success by knowing What is SEO

There is no doubt that the internet has been a great leveller for many people, but in many ways it has also made international trade so much easier, but accessing the worldwide audience can be a difficult task without using a SEO services. There are many different search engines around the world, and trying to become ranked in all of them would be very difficult indeed, but a professional will know which ones have the market share that needs to be targeted, and which ones will bring the best results for your company.

The SEO circle 
You may think your company is too small to trade internationally, but the facts are that over half new companies will actually begin to trade internationally within two years of formation, which is why employing a professional SEO consultant early in the lifetime of your company can help bring the growth you desire earlier in the company’s life.

Get an Explosion in Exploring by knowing What is SEO

When using SEO services and when it goes to work on optimizing a website, they will often have choices that they can make in terms of which regions or countries’ search engines they will actually target. However, many such consultants will be experienced enough to be able to promote your site to search engines internationally, and by employing someone with the knowledge to operate on such a level, this can open new doors and bring new opportunities to your company.

By becoming more accessible for visitors from around the world, many people from countries that might not even be considered as potential markets will start to come to you, and with the ease of international trade, and especially for stores selling goods worldwide, the use of a professional SEO consultant in this context can have a massive impact on the future prosperity of the business and how successful it can really be.

Be a Professional by knowing about SEO (What is SEO)

One of the great things about working and living in somewhere with a close knit community is that it really does give a feeling of belonging, so many people may overlook how useful some SEO services really can be in such a situation.  Having a co-operative, whether it is to purchase fuel, fruit and vegetables or almost any other necessity can help people to save money, but by bringing more people on board, the savings for everyone can be even greater.


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