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Features of Facebook Timeline

Features of Facebook Timeline:-

The new timeline feature helps to add your own history for your loved ones to know you

Facebook is the most used websites in today’s date. Facebook users are always waiting for any new feature which could make it even more exciting. It has been continuously adding new features to it which is the reason why users are still sticking to facebook. The timeline is such a new feature which is added to the facebook profile. Also they guide their users with their new feature so that they get good response. The feature of new facebook timeline is also an attracting feature which has been added very recently to the facebook profile to add a new element to it.

It was a new feature has been brought into the facebook profile by September 2011. The feature of new facebook timeline gives a full summary of you entire life which can be cherished by the viewers. The users can include their photos, updates, status and also quotes which could add to the memories. To add the timeline the page has been divided into two sections to fit in the timeline. The line down the timeline is to indicate the time which has passed out. Facebook is encouraging its users to add the events which have not happened during the facebook period. Adding all the events from the birth to the period before they have joined facebook can give good memory.

The feature of new facebook timeline is a good way to know the memories about the user. It is a good way to know about someone. The cherished memories can also be shown to loved ones who are one the account. The ways to join the timeline can be easily known from the facebook page. One can add even the day to day detail on the facebook including friends, break ups, link ups and other routine work. You can put on as many pictures and memories you want to on the timeline.

The feature of new facebook timeline may be an option for now but it is being said that it can become mandatory in the coming months. It would allow people to know the history about the person they are interacting with. If you are interested you can begin the process very easily and can complete it in seven days by adding whatever things you want to show others. But to let all of them view it you need to publish else the timeline would go invisible making all your effort useless. After all it is being made for people to view who are added to your friends list. But one thing what you need to think about is if your new profile is ready there is no way that you could get back and remove all the stuff what you have managed to add on the timeline. So before trying to get the timeline done you must think before. You can add up to thousands of events, photos and videos to describe your past or the history. All this history is shown in a single page to help users to get the history from a single page.

The feature of new facebook timeline is sometimes terrific also. There are about millions people who would be watching all the details that you have put on the timeline which could be terrifying. The timeline is a part of your page and hence you can easily update it daily. It has dates on the corner so that you can add the events date wise in the timeline. The timeline allows you to add more pictures, videos and events. There is a calendar with specific year and month which allows you to specifically add your memories. You can do the job simply by scrolling down the calendar and finding the appropriate dates.

The feature of new facebook timeline is also editable. You can edit all the things which you have added to it. You can enlarge the photo to big size by clicking on the star button which is present near every picture. You can also minimize it to the original length you can click on the star button again and you can take it out from the timeline to hide it. But this does not mean that you have completely hidden the event or the video from the viewers. To permanently remove the item you need to remove yourself completely from the item. But an item goes away from the timeline if you hide it and cannot come back. To get it back you will have to search into the pre timeline settings.

There is also an option in the feature of new facebook timeline to keep people away from the older posts. But if you want everything to be as it was then there is no need for it. But when your history grows in size and you fell that there is no need for the older posts you can keep it away by setting some options but it does everything in bulk and not singly. There are privacy settings which allow you to share and hide each and every thing you have added to the timeline. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time like many weeks to hide a particular thing. It would not happen immediately. You can also change the visibility of the timeline to people. You can show it to limit a person which is an interesting feature.

Format of new timeline
The feature of new facebook timeline has both the side effects and also interesting features. You cannot start from new and make it totally private but can limit a bit by using the tags and the filters which are already available in the facebook. You can make a closer group using the privacy settings and options.
The feature of new facebook timeline must always be put considering the privacy levels sp that you know who are visiting you. Always turn on the review option so that you can better know who has viewed from their comments. It is not fully liked by the users but there is hope that it will gain popularity slowly.   

Social networking giant, Facebook has announced a new feature called Timeline. Many new features have been added with a simple navigation. Feature of new Facebook’s Timeline will change the interface quite drastically, adding many new features and highlighting old ones.  Previously, posts on Facebook were noticed for a few days at most. 

All past information was available, but finding posts from years past was quite a bit of work.  However, with the addition of Timeline, users will be able to quickly navigate to any year or specific time period; opening a full record on a person from their inception to the world of feature of Facebook. Timeline will eventually be mandatory; however, users will have the opportunity to edit all of their content as they transition to the new interface.

If you use the features of Facebook Timeline you will soon be forced upon you whether you like it or not.  This is creating some controversy as many frequent users are being forced to either spend countless hours reading and editing posts or possibly be faced with embarrassing or unwanted information available to the public.  Facebook says Timeline will allow a user to “add a cover; edit your basic info; jump to the past; view your activity log; see highlights from each month; star stories you want to highlight; add life events—“ among all the old features such as adding photos, updating your status, tagging other users, etc. 

A major addition with Timeline is the Life Event application.  When you use Life Event, a plethora of options for entering many different types of data become available.  This will allow users to highlight major events in their lives such as marriages, having a child, moving to a new state, etc.  When created as a Life Event, other users will be able to access that information much more quickly.  Also, the ability to view someone’s Life Events exclusively will exist, giving the world a quick glimpse into any Facebook user’s life.

Another new aspect in the new feature of Facebook Timeline’s status bar is the Map extension of the current Facebook Places. When a user selects the Map icon, a larger map opens, allowing them to enter their current location or place they have visited.  The Map program also pinpoints places that are mentioned in posts, tagged in photos, or those tagged by friends.  Not only is the user’s exact location highlighted for all to know but also names of establishments and times of visits. Some users see this as an invasion of privacy.  It seems Facebook is creating a public record of people’s lives.  It can be argued they always have but a majority of users are beginning to feel it may have started to cross the line.  It is possible, as always, to make every post and update to Timeline private, public, or only viewable by a selected set of friends.  However, many people are unaware of these options as they are not set by default and not highlighted properly in one’s introduction to Facebook.

Also, a Health and Wellness category has been added, allowing users of Facebook’s Timeline to update others with information on their current health.  An interesting addition that will allow users with similar health problems to communicate and provide each other with support, tips, what to expect, etc.  Group therapies for similar health conditions have been active for years, and more recently online groups have flourished, leaving Facebook finding their niche into the medical support field (or at least doing their part to provide easy, efficient communication that many are already familiar with.)  There is also Travel and Experiences.  When entering a post under this application, it will be gathers with all your “cherished memories” if you will. 

The use of cover in timeline to make it attractive
Timeline also enables the use of “frictionless” application.  These “frictionless” applications post a status to a user’s Facebook after without the user actively doing so.  For instance, many games that are connected to Facebook currently do this.  A user obtains a high score, or even begins to play a new game and it is instantly updated on their profile for everyone to know.  It is inevitable that with the addition of Timeline, Facebook’s use of “frictionless” apps will be even more prevalent.  It seems with the addition of Timeline, Facebook’s goal is to take their current model of detailing a person’s life and make it more in-depth, vivid, and easier to access.

The popular poll and opinion website, Soda Head, recently had a poll on whether Facebook should implement Timeline as a mandatory feature or not.  A stunning seventy percent or those polled agreed that the new features and interface should not be implemented.  Leaving a mere twenty percent of those surveyed embracing the upcoming change while the remaining ten percent do not utilize Facebook.  Apparently, the changes are more welcome by younger users, but still not a majority.  Thirty percent of eighteen to twenty-four year olds were pro-Timeline.  The most disapproving age range was that of sixty-five and above, where ninety percent opposed the mandatory transition to Timeline.  Facebook users of all ethnicities and gender seem opposed, with not much varying between certain groups.  Male and female users were both opposed at a bit over seventy-five percent and all users in the United States opposed by seventy-seven percent while the most approving countries, Brazil and India, still opposed by sixty-eight percent.

Timeline Maps - An exciting new feature
Another popular technology-based polling website, found things to be a bit more evenly spread.  The poll featured four options: leaving Facebook for newer competitor Google+, will use Timeline against my wishes, enjoy Timeline, and was once against Timeline but enjoy it after trying it out.  Thirty six percent plan to use timeline even though they detest it, twenty two percent enjoy the changes, eighteen percent are joining Google+, and thirteen percent have gotten used to and enjoy the changes.  So basically, if you join the former two into a group and the latter two in another, you have fifty-four percent against Timeline and forty-six willing to utilize the changing interface.

While many users are finding this change intimidating and unwanted, it truly is not that much different than the Facebook we all currently enjoy.  All of the information a user will be able to share with Timeline was available to share in the past; the only true change is in ease.  Posts will be much more organized and fluid, providing a more accessible approach to the chronicles of the user.  However, it is up to the user to take an active role in deciding what they want to post and properly utilizing their privacy controls.


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