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How to increase page rank

How to increase page rank (PR)

Page ranks are the numeric rating given to the web pages of a particular site. The rating is done generally from 1 to 10. In this case the rating of 10 is considered the highest. The rating between 6 and 10 is known to be a good rating. The rating of the page depends on many factors – one of the major factors being the links in your websites. It mainly depends how many links have been connected to your website. This essentially means that if the particular site has 10 links from various well known sites the ranking of the page shall increase fairly. The users using the page rank system should very well understand how to increase page rank (PR) and then proceed further.

It is very vital to understand the importance of page ranking for knowing how to increase page rank (PR). The page ranking is very important to be known by the user since it informs the user how the products or the services are being viewed by the customers on the website. The links in the site is taken from the branded and well known sites and in the same way the page ranking helps the outbound links to be ranked on the page. The outgoing and incoming links are important while we discuss for the link exchange with other sites.
How to increase the page rank (PR) at a very less or no cost. Some of the tips to increase the page rank are as below:

v  Submission of the pages to Search Engine Directories. It is a known fact that it is a free of cost affair to submit the pages to the search engines. The web page can be automatically submitted to various online directories which provide the service of page ranking. This is one of the most important steps in how to increase the page rank (PR). It is suggested that the user should submit the pages manually which is more affordable and it shall look more natural and beautiful.  

v  Article submission to the directories. In order to have better links in the web page it is a good idea to submit the article of 300- 500 words about a particular topic. How to increase the page rank (PR) with the article submission; just post the articles related to your products and services in the online article directories. This process helps the company to draw attention of the interested parties about their interested products.

v  The easy and simple way on how to increase the page rank (PR) is to post the comments on the blogs and the fastest way to make the links on the website. The user should go through the sites which mentions the blogs related to your particular products. This shall help the user to understand more about the products and the user can give a sincere feedback to the blogs which shall hep the user to have a quality interaction with the web hosting providers for better links.

v  How to increase the page rank (PR) by creating social book mark profiles. There are many social book mark online sites which are available as forums which exchanges the ideas and thoughts, various interests of people and even the business transactions that happen on the social book mark sites. The user has to just create a profile on the social bookmarking site in order to promote the goods and services. This also creates a good back link for the high ranking of the pages.
v  Posting of information on the forums – how to increase the page rank (PR) using the forums is the fastest and the easiest way to promote the products of a company. The company or the user can post the specific information about the products or the services on the forums. This shall be viewed frequently by many people across the globe since there are people who go through these posts frequently in a day. Out of the thousand viewing the posts there shall be at least 60% of the viewers who shall look at the post and click the page to get more information about the company. The link which is known as the signature link will be displayed on the page every time the user posts the information on the forum. This helps the user create a large number of back links. Out of this only few are useful but the traffic generated from these posts to the website is very high. This helps in increasing the page ranking of the site.

v  How to increase the page rank (PR) using the internal linking methods – as the number of the links pointing a particular page increases the pages get more ranking and authority when compared to the pages which have less pointed links. The right way to increase the page ranking is to link the pages of your website with the other relevant pages of various relevant websites. This helps in ranking the page higher as the number of links available are more. The users should be very careful while linking the outside pages to your website; because there are many irrelevant pages which get linked and as per the World Wide Web rule the users can land up in a huge amount of penalty. The safe side of the play is to have the inbound links and make sure that the users avoid the spamming.

v  The usage of keywords is very important in understanding how to increase the page rank (PR).
 The keywords used should be upto the mark and the pages can be ranked higher much faster. The inclusion of the images and video in the Word press blog is another feature to increase the ranking of the page on the website. The usage of Word press blogs is very easy for the search engine optimization and moreover the ranking of the pages increases by leaps and bounds. The other factors which can increase the page ranking are the headings of the themes. The choice of the theme heading should be done very carefully.


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