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Importance of Java

Written By Ashley on Sunday, February 5, 2012 | 1:26 AM

Importance of java

Why is java so important for the modern applications?

Java’s pure object-orientation clearly sets it apart from its predecessors. Object-oriented languages like Java descry the interactions that occur among objects, requiring users to think about how an application’s data is manipulated, and not just the procedures running the program. Java’s objects are software bundles of data whose behavior is based upon functions (called methods) that operate on those data elements. Object-oriented programming’s perspective is similar to that of the “real world”, because it lets you both manipulate objects and represent problems through those objects.

Importance of Java is immense, because - No prior language in common use, including C++ is as fully object-oriented language. For this reason, you’ll have the most success with Java if you think about it from a different angle than previous languages, and recognize the new slant it takes on design issues.
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Programming in Java is all about defining class and making objects. As an OOL, Java uses classes in its programs. Classes, the fundamental units of object-oriented programming, are collection of code that displays the behavior of objects in software. They’re like templates that indicate how objects should be created. Classes bring the benefit of reusability – programmers can repeatedly use a class to create many objects. Although each of these objects will have its own data, they share the method implementation. Java is therefore, considered as an importance.

Java’s pristine object-orientation means that it thoroughly employs encapsulation and reuse, which make it a stronger language. Importance of Java consists in the terms of Encapsulation – the process of bundling an object’s data with its methods – lets you protect your objects’ definition by making only its
necessary parts accessible to the outside world. So when you use encapsulation, you’re preventing other from knowing exactly how your object is put together; encapsulation’s secretive side ensures that while your promised goal is accomplished, it’s not necessarily secretive side ensures that while your promised goal is accomplished, it’s not necessarily anyone’s business how your programming realizes that goal (this protection is called implementation hiding). Through encapsulation, an object group’s data into a single unit, which makes it easier to examine it for flaws, isolate the effects of changes, and recognize data dependencies. This independent object maintenance is called modular.
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Another Importance of Java is that it comes from its object-oriented essence is that it is reusable just like in C++. In Java, when you create a design, it’s easy to pull it out of your program and reuse it in another program, because each of its objects is self-contained. Although this feat is sometimes possible in languages like Pascal and C, it’s not accurate because you often have to make assumptions about the code, which usually engenders syntax errors. Java’s facile ability to isolate code in this manner makes programming easier and cleaner – it’s much more obvious where you must venture to fix program error or make important changes. In addition, its manner of interaction is more solid and tangible.
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