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What is Page Rank (PR) | How to increase Page Rank.

Written By Ashley on Thursday, February 9, 2012 | 7:18 PM

What is Page Rank (PR) and How to increase Page Rank.

In today’s internet market, Page Rank is a defining factor in the success or failure of a business.  What is Page Rank?  Well, basically it’s an algorithm used by Google to indicate how relevant a certain webpage is to a specific search.  The higher Page Rank one has the closer to the top of a search’s results it is. 

 How to increase Page Rank?  Again, in the simplest terms, Page Rank is determined by how many visits a specific URL receives.  There are many ways to give your links a better chance at gaining visits and increasing Page Rank; here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while marketing your website and linking your URL to gain hits.

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First of all, Page Rank does not count for websites, but their individual pages.  For this reason, it is imperative to only link to specific pages within your website, not the website URL itself.  Also, only pages indexed by Google will benefit from Page Rank.  If your website is not indexed with Google, then this article becomes moot.  These are very basic tips but they are the foremost to keep in mind.

A major factor in determining traffic to your website is quality and content.  It goes without saying that your website’s content must be original and interesting or people will not choose to use your site.  Using a high amount of keyword tags is imperative to success.  When using keywords, it is important to employ commas between them and to not repeat them back to back.  However, when Google indexes a page, it only does so with the first 101K of the document, so planning your use of keywords must What is Page Rank)
  A trickier way of incorporation keywords can also be done by creating “invisible text.”  Invisible text is created by writing keywords with a matching font color as the background color.  This allows for Google to think you have these words within an article on your website without actually having them there for the audience to see.  This is helpful if your keywords are cumbersome and do not flow well into the writing.

Another trick is adding periods in a sequence at the bottom of your page.  You then link these dots to other pages on your site, perhaps one to Google or Yahoo as well.  A link to Google on your webpage can also greatly aid in your page rank.  This is where Page Ranking is handled and bringing traffic onto their site to navigate to yours is a wonderful technique in raising the popularity and rank of your website.  While it is advantageous to link to Google or Yahoo, it is not recommended to link to any other sites.  These search engine giants provide most of the world with their searching needs and thus are the exception to the rule. (What is a Page Rank)

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One of the more powerful tips for raising your Page Rank is in the linking of your pages.  For example, having page one direct link to page two, page two to page three, and so on greatly improves your ratings.  The main point, however, is to create a loop in which your last page links back to your first page.  This creates a loop of links that will vastly increase your points in Page Rank.

Submission of material is also crucial.  If you want people to regularly visit your site, material on the site must be submitted often.  The material must be creative and interesting while also providing necessary information to the user.  It is also a good idea to submit on ‘off days’ such as Sundays.  Posting new material on low traffic days allows for your material to be waiting and available for user’s next visits.  If you desire an increase in Page Rank, you must not let your readers visit your page with the lack of new material for them to read. (What is Page Rank)

Lastly, back linking is a very effective method in gaining Page Rank.  Back linking occurs when someone else links to your website and you in turn create a link to their page (specifically, to the page where they mention your website.)  This will enable more visits to both sites and increase both participants Page Rank through multiple link views. (What is Page Rank)

Page Rank is a very useful tool in a day and age where more and more people are creating online businesses or relying on their websites for financial compensation.  There are many things you can do to help your Page Rank climb but the most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter how many tricks you employ, the main factor is page content.  Do not be sloppy in creating your website and make sure to constantly update your domain with fresh, creative, and interesting material to keep visitors coming back again and again.

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