Friday, April 20, 2012

What is SMS marketing

 SMS marketing ?

In today’s time, one of the most effective and innovative way of prompting a business is through SMS Marketing.  A recent research has revealed that about 95% of people, even children today possess mobile phones and it is more common even than a Computer. Astonishingly, people read texts more often, about 95% more as compared to their emails. They are more likely to evade an E-mail, but are more willing to read through an entire SMS. This is the reason why today one of the most effectual business promoting tools is the short and fast SMS Marketing service.

SMS marketing is now used in probably every sphere of life be it the banking, entertainment industries, gaming zones, electronic industries, etc. There is a special kind of software which is used for the SMS Marketing services. With the help of SMS Marketing services one can send about thousands of messages at a go.

What is SMS Marketing and how can we use it?

You can use the services of SMS marketing according to your expediency and want. They are not like the regular Emails which tend to disappear quickly. SMS’s reach your target customers within a short span of time and your message delivered is to the point and precise. Whatever offer or message you want to deliver to your target audience reaches within seconds without any running around the bush. Your brand fidelity is preserved and sustained for a longer period and your expected customers will be getting the required texts and notified from time to time. This way customer tends to rely more openly upon your company and even your brand name reaches millions across the country.

What basically is SMS Marketing and what are the main uses of it?

But there are some norms of SMS marketing services that one must keep in mind. The text that you will be sending across to your customers must not exceed 160 characters. You have to lay across your message clearly and in a concise way. Initially you have to gather together the numbers of your expected audience. Then as per the Data Protection Legislation, you have to importantly receive the conformity of every addressee. In case you fail to abide by this rule, you may have to pay a fine for it. The entire probable phone numbers are easily loaded into the software through which your SMS marketing procedure will be preceded. With the help of this software you will be fee from the labor of retyping the same message repeatedly. This way your message reaches your target audience and your work business gets promoted successfully within seconds.

There are various reasons for SMS Marketing being so popular nowadays, and most of the business rely more on these messages for getting into new surveys, messages and most importantly marketing stuffs, that's the main tool that makes this weapon so powerful among-st the whole other criteria of virtual marketing. 


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