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SEO Process

What is optimization for search engines?

Optimization for search engines is to choose expressions and targeted keywords relevant to the content of the page or site to be well positioned and indexed in the search results pages.

This requires fine tuning between the content of your website and html tags but it also involves a process of building links around the theme that you develop.

The major search engines are Google for more than 60% of queries, Yahoo, MSN Search and AOL. These search engines do not reveal very little operation of their methods and ranking algorithms with which they define the classification of sites and their publication in the search results. A search engine must take into account hundreds of factors to differentiate the good from the bad sites, natural optimizations optimizations and forced to set a course just positioning in relation to all these factors.
Getting to know about what is search engine optimisation, can help in several factors and outstrip the global competition of keywords and the website ranking in the search engines.

These algorithms and methods differ from one search engine to another, a site positioned first on a search engine may well recovered of two hundredths of one another.
A new site does not need to be submitted to search engines for indexing. A simple well-established link with an existing site will cause the spiders visit the new site's content, but these spiders, which are in search of new material on the entire fabric of the net, can take several days or even weeks before to index a new site.
The optimization process can not be improvised and it is not as complex than is often suggested, it takes time and it's a game of patience and getting to know much about what is SEO and it's uses. 
Be careful not to fall into the traps of fast optimizations because these methods are often at the limit of tolerance of the search engines. They will not hesitate to list you and not to index your site in case of abuse or spam.

The optimization is essential as a well optimized site can see their traffic increase by over 60%
The importance of search engines
What are search engines that carry your site to the attention of Internet users. When a page is written and published, the search engine spiders come to index your page for the published almost instantly in the pages of search results. The results published on these pages are ranked in order of relevance to the pages that respond perfectly to the query are displayed in top positions.
Remember that a user will not look the first 2 or 3 pages of results. It is therefore very important to be well graded and well positioned on these pages.
In addition, the majority of Internet use every one of 6 or 7 major search engines and these engines send more visitors vars web sites than any other means. In short, everything depends on the search engine used by your customers and how your site is ranked.
The keywords are important but only in the tag meant for them, but throughout your page. Judicious use of sharp and your keywords will earn you more than any advertising campaign or offline.

Anyone seeking information or product on the internet, he found the site to one of these three methods:
  • Primarily by the search engines
  • Then by links on other sites related to the research topic
  • Finally, by word of mouth or by reading an article

It is also clear from these surveys that 90% of those are answered by search engines, which means that only the remaining 10% use two other methods.
All search engines use a ranking algorithm and one of the rules in an algorithm is to check the frequency and location of keywords on each web page. Remember that one function of this algorithm is to give a "weight" to the links in your pages and those pointing to your pages.
Everything can be learned and if you have learned to master HTML, optimization for search engines is much simpler to understand and master.

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